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Updated 9/23/2014

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K-12 Traditional Program

Tuition and Fees

2014-2015 School Year

  Sr. High  Jr. High       
Elementary K4/K5 Kindergarten  K4/K5 Kindergarten
Grades (1-6)  Full Day  Half Day 
Annual Tuition $7,160 $6,440 $5,410 $4,910  $4,410
10 Mo.  $726 $654 $551 $501  $451
9 Mo.  $806 $726 $611 $556  $451
8 Mo. $905 $815 $685 $624  $561
Per Class $1390 $1250 $1050  $1050  $1050

The monthly payment includes a $10 per month transaction fee.

Annual payments do not have a transaction fee. 


There are various discounts and scholarships that your family may be eligible for. However, several discount opportunities have deadlines. Click here to set up an enrollment consultation.

Click here to learn more about how to make Faith Christian School affordable.



SPECIAL NEEDS: (See information about the new ESA law below) 

 Part-time (at least 5 hours a week): $1000 in addition to tuition

Full-time: $2500 in addition to tuition


Additional fees may apply depending on student grade level and course electives. Potential fees may include but are not limited to:

Elementary: field trip fee ($60), Computer fee ($35), Kindergarten supply and graduation fee ($35), 6th grade graduation fee ($25)

Secondary: Sports Fees ($60-$90), retreat ($100), Art ($30), Seniors - Graduation ($100), Band ($50)

Contact the school for a sample fee sheet.


EMPOWERMENT SCHOLARSHIP ACCOUNT -- Laws 2011, Chapter 75 (SB 1553)
A new law has just been passed for students with disabilities to receive private school scholarship funds. If your child is an Arizona resident, AND is identified as having a disability, AND 1) attended a public school full-time for the first 100 days during the prior school year 2) OR received a scholarship from a Student Tuition Organization, they may be eligible for funds. Find all of the answers you need at www.ade.az.gov/ess/ESAsFAQs.pdf